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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Super Bowl Sunday -- not on my tv

Nope -- no Super Bowl here at this time. I may click it on for a few minutes to see what the score is. Don't know why because I don't follow football and don't really care about what the score is. I don't know the teams. Yes, it is almost sacrilegious, but like I said, I don't care. There IS life after football, just as there is life after high school. Amazing, eh?

The only football game I'm intersted in is the Political Football being kicked around by the Bushistas. I can't recall -- except for Nixon and Watergate and Reagan and the Contras a more corrupt political regime than this Bush regime. They are so utterly without ethics and moral values it is amazing. They have hornswaggled and snookered half of the United States. Oh, what a sad day is awaiting those poor fools. I'm not saying that our Democrats have done much better. It seems a whole passel of legislators are on the take from corporations today and during lo, these many, many years past. It's sad to think we now live in the United States of Corporations. This Republican Bush regime has widened the door opening for many corporate feet in the door. The Oil Corps are looting us. The other corpses tied to the Pentagon and DOD are killing our economy -- and STILL the troops don't have adequate protective supplies. Since we now approve of Torture, Saddam himself wasn't any more corrupt than our government and its Bushistas. Talk about the pot callling the kettle black. Then there's Social Security. Bush is lying through his teeth. So is Cheney. We already have privatized retirement plans. They are called IRA, ROTH IRA, KEOGH PLANS. DUH, DUH, DUHN!!! Talk about stupid. But, there are many doofuses here who believe that "privatization" will reap them a huge retirement windfall. It's amazing how short memories are. People seem to have forgotten how many folks lost their pensions and stock portfolios in the last ten years. Selfishly, they would cut the legs out from under Senior Citizens who depend on Social Security now and in the far distant future. Screw 'em if they can't take a joke, say these foolish folks. These same "moral values" liars don't believe in helping the poor and disabled through Social Security. This is truly amazing. God used to bless America -- but I sincerely doubt that SHE BLESSES THIS MISERABLE AMERICA!!!!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Bush's Speech

I am here to say that I boycotted the bush speech tonight. I haven't listened to him for a number of years because he doesn't say anything worth hearing. I did catch a bit of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi on PBS issuing the Dem response. They were very good. Thankfully they didn't try to imitate the "folksy" bush. Good grief, one is enough. His folksiness is a coverup for the flinty look in his eye and the sneer of his lip. bush, in my opinion, is the antithesis of what he purports to be. He actually is a protected rich boy who, when he screws up -- and he sure has done that quite a bit -- has people who will make excuses and pick up the pieces for him. Thus, depriving this boy of the opportunity to grow up. He seems altogether lacking in empathy. A consciousless bully-boy. And to think he is president of the U.S. How did that happen? We must all question how he came to power. We must all question what sins he has committed in our names. He has much to answer for -- and answer he will -- either here or in the next life, as his followers are so wont to proclaim. He and they will be answerable before the wrath of their God. They won't get away from that!!!